Pastel Dresses and Black and White Dresses

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Pastel Dresses and Black and White Dresses Make Contrasting Statements for Spring
This spring is the time to make a bold dress statement. From glamorous black and white frills to flirty, frothy and flowery pastels, dresses this season are bold, different and fabulous. Whatever style you choose, the season’s one must-have is the super-high, swerve wedge heel. So select one of the following dress statements and punctuate it with an astonishing heel!

Pastels are back, from flowing, solid lavender skirts to flowery, strapless sheaths, to lacy, spaghetti strapped numbers in mint and pale aqua. Pair solid pastel dresses with a flowered head scarf or a patterned dress with a long flowing hairstyle from which dangly earrings peek.

Hi-low dresses are another must-have this season. The varying hemline adds a natural frill, and makes you look as if you’re fluttering in a gentle breeze wherever you go. Especially when combined with the pastel hues of this season, it’s hard to find a more romantic, yet subtly revealing look.

But never forget the black and white creations. If you have the style, flair and features to carry off a high-contrast look, this season’s black and white dresses for sale are going to have you sashaying for joy. Try a sheer white cut out top with black hot pants, or metallic silver-white and black stripes sliding down your body in shimmering slimness. Slip into a classic black and white polka-dot or cut in a new shape and material to add motion and sexiness.

Whatever style you choose, make sure to spend some time choosing the right pair of super-high heels. These heels, with heights from 4 to 6 inches, are some of the highest women have ever had the privilege and challenge of wearing. They come in sleek, aerodynamic-looking shapes which seem to defy gravity. Spend time choosing the right shoes, and then spend some time practicing walking in them to make a graceful, sexy statement with your whole outfit.

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